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Assignment typed report format Create, print and submit a typed technical paper* (two pages not counting graphs, double space, 10-12 font, 1” margins) with your audience being a manager without statistical training. The report must have a. An Introduction section: a paragraph explaining 1. the type of data, 2. what you were asked to do and 3. the strength and weaknesses of way the data was collected , b. a Findings section: 1. several sentences on each graph and statistic in non-statistical language. 2. graphs will be inserted into this section.
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Unformatted text preview: IF YOU DO NOT HAVE YOUR GRAPHS IN THIS SECTION, YOU WILL LOSE 10 POINTS!!!!!! 3. Note: If you use a statistical term we covered this semester, you must explain it in English. The grade in this section depends on how well you apply the material and how well you present the results in English. c. A Conclusion section: a paragraph where you summarize (and not just repeat) your Finding section, d. An Appendix containing the excel sheets of the previous assignment....
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