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exam 1 study guide

exam 1 study guide - Stats study sheet Exam 1 2 types of...

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Stats study sheet Exam 1 2 types of errors: sampling and non sampling o Sampling errors come from knowledge and variance Margin of error: largest acceptable error Data collection o Convenience: what you have already o Judgment: handpicked sample o Random; everything has a fair chance o Experiments: deal with cause and effect 2 main types of graph data; o Univariate &Bivariate(scatter plot) 1 qualitative: pie or bar 2 Qualitative: side by side bar, or Pie chart 1 quantitative; histogram, Rf hist, RF polygon, or ojive 2 quantitative: sidexside histogram, polygon, or ojive Range only takes largest and smallest, measure variability In median: middle # or half of 2 middle #’s Variance 2.1 Population Variance Average squared distance values are from the center of the data Symbol, σ 2 2.2 Sample Variance Estimate of population variance Symbol S 2 Standard Deviation 2.3 Population standard deviation Square root of population variance Symbol,
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