Reconstruction outline

Reconstruction outline - Reconstruction outline(part one...

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Reconstruction outline (part one) Background o Historical diff o Us @ end of war o Problem and attitudes Pres recon o Andrew Johnson : becomes pres Apr 15 1865 after Lincoln assassination. Bore poor, political career began in Tennessee, illiterate til adult, Tailor. Champion of underdog. Hated the elites of the south. ( an outsider looking in) Only southern senator to not stand up and leave. Was unionist, and did not believe in secession. 1864 was chosen as VP nominee. o J’s Recon policy: (country for white men, and govt for white men) Leniency : Very few requirements on southern state. Believed it was constitutionally illegal. Believed in restoration vs reconstruction. Blamed elites for the war. Restore union as quickly as possible with min requirements. From March to Dec Johnson has free rain from apr to dec 1865. South must revoke ord of secession, repudiate confederate debt, ratify 13 th amend, create new state govt., Congress passed general amnesty to south except for those in political & military leaders of confederacy, anyone who broke the oath of allegiance to America and any southerner with a taxable income over $20,000. summer1865: South begins to hold elections, Johnson gives out 13,000 pardons. o Pardons allowed for elites to continue running for office, I.e. Alex Stephen, who becomes a senator( was vp of confederate) Congress response : Do everything to resist Johnson’s requirements. By reconvene all 11 states are part of union by Johnson’s plan.
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Reconstruction outline - Reconstruction outline(part one...

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