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Unformatted text preview: (2) Compute the following: (a) Suppose f(ac )= sin(a: )cos(m ). What is f’ ’:c( )? €63 $mx( 574A ransx CoSX _-s,‘~1x 1—Lm ZK VOA: 'ZsMxmsx +ZCOS>< ~05?" A d (b) Suppose y: f ( ) is a function such that 33/2 m + Zmy— sin($ + y) Finddi in terms of x and y a337- X fzxij- Amber‘k: fith \ (6%AV‘X7L3‘32 0 (EA M + i‘ffl- L05()<+3\-(\+—'13~0 (ISOVB' is COS Qf‘é\~£‘§_$‘3 ’ “X s +- 50:;— (3) Consi er the function 6 X ZX—- CO ‘33 f(x) = 6’” Use linear approximation to estimate the value of f (1.1). «C(h”6’*€, were“ M=e=e ...
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