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test1s5y10p1 - PHYS 1111 Section 5 Fall 2010 Testno.1...

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Unformatted text preview: PHYS 1111, Section 5, Fall 2010 Testno.1 SO/U-lLlO’l [<81 September 16, 2010 2:00pm — 3:15pm N012? ”if test comm 0/20 ”Wk choice frat/elm: [J qftfieprotlmu' are required with tie m 2 mfbrfiwms'pom mmyourmg SWMD, MW at tfiescalmwx Mm 1’0wa (be plat/m Med Wienyou are [bricked All equation Med gym on It: Jaime. TRUE/FALSE. Choose 'True' if the statement is true and 'False’ if the statement is false. 1) The average velocity of a car traveling with a constant acceleration during a certain time interval 1) A is equal to the mean of the velocities at the beginning and end of that time interval. B) False XF 3 X; ’l' 1" (\4“ +\/)(f) (if ’ 6/.) 2) An object thrown upward experiences free fall. VCR/6y“ e. 2) A 7' '2 c VD B)False \/f:= Vb, “(if ) Lna —) -) -) -) 9 ,3 3) If A + B = C and A+B=C, then tlLif/ectors A and B are oriented perpendicular relative to one 3) other. ’ Bl 6:7;‘35, :A + (Sc B A) True - ,..___._y C A + B ’F” ”‘3’ MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 4) The metric prefix for one thousand is 4) ,D A) centi. B) giga. C) milli. E) mega. 5) A scalar quantity is defined as 5) Z l @a quantity that is specified by a numerical value only. B) a quantity that is specified by using both a numerical value and a direction. L VQC’IOV 6) The position, x, of an object is given by the equation x = A + Bt +Ct2, where t refers to time. 6) C What are the dimensions of A, B, and C? A .= X :7 [L l A) distance, time, time2 B) distance, time, time @distance, distance / time, distance/timeZ : ’- 5 C L1 ) distance / time, distance /time2, distance / time3 t [:21 E) distance, distance, distance C _‘ L [L 1 — 8 c 7 ”TA 7) The slope of a tangent line at a given time value on a position versus time graph gives 7) C A) displacement. B) average acceleration X @mtantaneous velocity. D) instantaneous acceleration. E) average velocity. ...
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