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test4s3y10p2 - L fiéima Viz?“ 5 A solid disk is...

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Unformatted text preview: L fiéima / Viz?“ 5) A solid disk is released from rest and rolls without slipping down an inclined plane that makes 5) A an angle of 25. 0° with the horizontal. What IS the speed of the disk after it has rolled 3 00 m, measured al -the plane? V 59 (o n) (”fl/a 1‘16" If on of j) I B)6.29 m/s C)3.53 m/s D) 2.04 m/s E) 5.71 m/s 57”“6‘” hszmCQ \/ EL 7. \ 5F:lm/+-LI¢UZ: ”MW 4’46), > 41,) [ M4)! ) .4? ’4 2,4 N 3511115" .r 3/- \/ leh&; ”7 V“ ~3Xsma- ®/Et f4 7% W? D 6) Two equal forces are applied toadoor. The first force 15 applied at the mi point oft e oor, the 6) second force is applied at the doorknob. Both forces are applied perpendicular to the door. Which force exerts the greater torque about the door hinge? l(__.._._QJ.—»«—w§ I A) both exert zero torques M B) the first at the midpoint ’ C both exert e ual non-zero torques W .— ( D) the second at the doorknob) 6/ . J . f ' i F— F l— E 1t10nal information is needed. 101, PM ' l 7) A figure skater is spinning slowly with arms outstretched. She brings her arms in c105e to her 7) D body 1nd her moment of inertia decreases by 1 / 2. By what factor does her rotational kinetic energ\ change? ~ - T 2 J, . AWE IL, ‘ LF ”F 2. I» B)1/2 M Z m“ if) “P; 5.51%”;‘4439/“51 ficesnutchange / F ‘ l]: W 7— It !/ kl ”Viz/2M3 :< ;>{Z)L,: [27 8) A 5. 00- -m—long ladder, weighing 200 N, rests against a smooth vertical wall with its base on a 8) l >2 horizontal rough floor, a distance of 1. 20 m away from the wall. The center of mass of the ladder is 2.50 m from its base, and the coefficient of static friction between the ladder and the floor is 0.200. How far up the ladder, measured along the ladder, can a 600\-N person climb before the ladder b ins to slip? \ "‘3' A) 1% C) 3.95 m D) 1.26 m E) 1.05 m may . ~' _S ——/\/1:0 no SIP/”’2 ...
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