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test4s3y10p3 - 3" 9 A 5.0-m radius playground...

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Unformatted text preview: // 3" 9) A 5.0-m radius playground merry-go—round with a moment of inertia of 2000 kg-m2 is rotating 9) I S freely with an angular speed of 1.0 rad/ 5. Two people, each having a mass of 60 kg are standing right outside the edge of the merry -go-round and step on it with negligible speed. What is the angular speed of the merry—go—round right after the two people have stepped on? A)0.20rad/s Li—’LF IF: If + ZmRz- C)0.80ra s I“); 31-wa D) 0.67 rad/s C 3 My.--“ . I E)0.60rad/s Uf= a“: E? ”I : W »— 0, “I'M/S If I; +ZMR’ 2000 4 «X69672 4 10) 10) Four waves are described by the following expressions, where distances are measured in meters and times in seconds. /-'7 L o— T .. h— I y=0.12cos(3x-21t) ,7Z\Z;x + £515.6— "' kX'H’J‘t I V: 7;“ H y = 0.15 sin(6x + 42t) :‘ ‘- 111 y=0.13cos(6tr+21t) \/= 731°: 2),... EL?)(L/-)J 3L E7: ; 3 5‘ N y = -o.23 sin(3x - 42:) T - K 2 n K I}: " (,4 Which of these waves have the same speed? ’— A I and B) ll an C) H and III D) 111 and IV E) I and III 11) A mass is attached to a spring and oscillates with a period T. If the mass is doubled, what is the 11) C new period? if A) 2T B) r/«E ® D) r/2 ‘ E)T M‘fi wzfgaT-rzfly— "’52“ W k T—SIfiT 12) Grand father clocks are designed in a way that the weight at the bottom of the pendulum can be 12) l i moved up or down by turning a small screw. Suppose you have a grandfather clock at home that runs slow. Should you turn the adjusting screw so as to raise the weight or lower the weight? 7— toa /0h} / hQQJ {O aéCIcaj Q oweri. ’ "" L ‘ fl 2 ”J: / l7‘, 50 SAavfer Pthu/onq It doesn't matter if you raise or lower the weight as long as you displace it by the right amount. D) It doesn't matter if you raise or lower the weight, as long as you displace it with the correct initial velocity. F) Raising or lowering the weight doesn't help. The screw is there so that you can add or take away weight. 13) A tuning fork is set into vibration with a frequency of 512 Hz. How many oscillations does it 13) g undergo in 1 minute? A) 1610 B) 8.53 < C) 30200 > D) 512 E) 26.8 fr. 511 cylix 6.02. S [3/0723 wee (rm. 3 ...
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