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test4s5y10p2 - /‘I¢5‘Mt Vteh 5 A solid disk is...

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Unformatted text preview: /‘I¢5‘Mt Vteh/ 5) A solid disk is released from rest and rolls without slipping down an inclined plane that makes an angle of 25. 0° with the horizontal. What IS the speed of the disk after it has rolled 3. 00 m, measured alo the plane? V5 6 (o "Sew Va 7‘70” 0 F 69. e/ [9} A) .07 m/s B) 6.29 m/s C) 3.53 m/s D)2.04 m/s E) 5.71 m/s 5“,,” //,;)(51h(9~ 6) A disk, a hoop, and a solid sphere (all of mass M and radius R) are releas e same time at 6) z 5 the top of an inclined plane. They all roll without slipping. In what order do they reach the bottom? A) hoop, 5 here, disk sphere, disk, 0 ’ :L W Ct of ;m U + ‘L yr H1 D) disk, hoop, sphere E) hoop, sphere, disk 14" 5/” 4 H iii/619 /0 [for /(+nn 5 7) A figure skater is spinning slowly with arms outstretched. She brings her arms in close to her 7) A onservation of angular momentum: her moment of inertia is decreased, and so her angular speed must increase to conserve angular momentum. B) Newton's second law for rotational motion: she exerts a torque and so her angular speed increases. C) conservation of energy: her moment of inertia is decreased, and so her angular speed must increase to conserve energy. D) This has nothing to do with mechanics, it is simply a result of her natural ability to f . . a . . , Perorm Ll -Lp or I“) _ .1:wa 8) A pencil, 15.7 cm long, is released from a vertical position with the eraser end resting on a table. 8) . C The eraser does not slip. Treat the pencil like a uniform rod. What is the angular speed of the pencil just before it hits the table? , I 1 A)3.70rad/s 5' ’ “gt: /5; r -' LI LU bod? ind her angular speed increases dramatically. The speed increase is a demonstration of B) 7 23 rad /s I C)16.8rad/sL. VXLE :Zl/K: 70%)”; D) 2 .5 rad/s l 3/; (E)13.s7ra§27 3/4YI) , L] ’L vé — (Ji/ 5 ' / 3 7 Yo// I ‘5 M [,1 0 (5 7 9) Earth's radius 15 6. 38x 106 m, and it completes one revolution every day. What IS the tangential 9) speed of a person standing on the equator? A) 21.5 m/s B) 232 m/s C) 148 m/s ( D) 464 m/s) E) 73.8 m/s 8 " 2 if . \/{_: RM / T'T/ T: (J‘YX 14" X 60mgch ‘g “P VI.) (A, (M 36400 s = HM 453,779. 36400 ...
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