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Unformatted text preview: ... PHYS 1111,Section 5, Fall 2009 Test no. 2 October 6, 2009 2:00pm - 3:15pm NOTE: This test consish of 2{} multiple clloice proDlems. 18 of tileproDlems ore re~uiretl,wllile tile extro .2 ore for Donuspointy. Fill in your nome, ShI"ent.DJ, on" onswers on tile scontron slleet. You moy keep tile proDlem slleet wilen you ore finislled. An e~uotionslleet oppeors on tile lost poge. TRUE/FALSE. Choose 'True' if the statement is true and 'False' if the statement is false. A) True cB)Q ~ l,-wr.) j ,?O(((1.J ('tu~ L nqVt / fI1ttfh, ../, / 5 vOQ 2)~ 2) The force of kinetic friction between two surfaces is dependent on the relative speed of the two surfaces. A) True E9 .:I: r }c == J.1 B 1) 1) The mass of the Moon is about 1/ 80th of the mass of Earth. The force exerted by Earth on the Moon is about 80 times that exerted by the Moon on Earth. {J I Ahvfion ~ 3 (J! ~w ~ JJ MULTIPLECHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 3) 3) You ride on an elevator that is moving downward with/constant speeql while standing on a bathroom scale. The reading on the scale is @equal to your true weight, mg. B) less than your true weight, mg. C) more than your true weight, mg. D) could be more or less than your true weight, mg, depending on the value of the speed. 4)1l 4) A force of 120 N is applied to an object whose mass is 30 kg. The object's acceleration is ~4.0m/s2. B) 3600 m/s2. C) 0.25 m/s2. D) 2.0 m/s2. :iF:. ::::: mGt 'F ~S X F::: a ><- E) 150 m/s2. f'l-] X q,x- Ai M ~ ~:::: F ~ LI () t!1--. ' -s J- 12 () 5) ~ is the mass of the ball? B) 0.20 kg C) 0.25 kg D) 0.10 kg A 6) 5) A catcher stops a ball traveling at 40 m/ s in a distance of 20 CITt and feels a force of 600 N against hi~~~hat \ 13> E) 0.30 kg 5~~ ({J+ p4S e.. 6) Three boxes rest side-by-side on a smooth, horizontal floor. Their masses are 5.0 kg, 3.0 kg, and 2.0 kg, with the 3.0-kg mass in the center. A force of 50 N pushes on the 5.0-kg mass, which pushes against the other two masses. What is the contact force between the 5.0-kg mass and the 3.0-kg mass? A) SON E) ON D) 40N .1: Fx == Jv1 4)( F f1!:."", ~ -F11.. :::-M,YX 1 ,0 ~ tY'l;. -rfl1~ F F,L"," __F F F F 1'2. := F-Yl1 cry f F-F(f)~ __ f'Ylt .= 10 - ;;>""t"'... =[Lj4 £ '- ...
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