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Unformatted text preview: 11) A plane has an airspeed of 142 m/ s. A 16.0 m/ s wind is blowing southward at the same time as the plane is flying. If the velocity of the plane relative to Earth is due east, what is the magnitude ofthat~? [41 m/ s) B) 16.2 m/ s C) 158 m/ s D) 16.0 m/ s E) 48 m/ s '---- .-/ S Of) ~ • ~ J (l 0 .N~. 11) A 12) A 600-kg car is going around a curve with a radius of 120 m that is banked at an angle of 20° with a speed of 24.5 m/ s. What is the minimum coefficient of static friction required for the car T not to skid? C) 0.24 E) 0.48 A) 0.36 B) 0.60 12) D '" (A) 1 IT5I J Tnrf; J~ V' ~ f'rJf\ 0' 5..~-==T-r>11'>6~a?; T T", "",e.d ~~ = T- Mild H:9- "~/ / - FIGURE 2 ., // Y'YI B ,/ ~LI /' ~":~e~:~';:~ /" \,:)/~ il1!) ::: Yh A- S i fJ cJ- .: (3.1 S.n JO ,-;) ~(tS/'JJ ./;'\ ""'/'----.-"~-'!---------" 13) Two masses are connected by a string which goes over an ideal pulley as shown in Figure 2. 13) Block A has a mass of 3.0 kg and can slide along a smooth plane inclined 30° to the horizontal. ~.'.. mass of block B if the system is in equilibrium? a "",0 ~) 1~~ B) 6.0 kg C) 2.6 kg D) 3.0 kg E) 3.5 kg f3, 14) What would be the weight of a 59.1-kg astronaut on a planet with the same density as Earth and having twice Earth's ra~,;---:;) A) 290 N ~ C) 580 N D) 1200 N E) 2320 N 14) 15) How much energy is needed to change the speed of a 1600 kg sport utility vehicle from 15.0 m/ s to 40.0 m/ s? ./~ A) 20.0 kJ ~ C) 0.960 MJ D) 40.0 kJ E) 10.0 kJ 15) 16) You are trying to cross a river that flows due south with a strong current. You start out in your motorboat on the east bank desiring to reach the west bank directly west from your starting point. You should head your motorboat @in a northwesterly direction. ~ f --->. -' \( B) due west V =- V --+ VO C) due south. D) due north. I E) in a southwesterly direction. 16) A 17) An object of 1.0 kg mass is pulled up an inclined plane by a constant force of 10 N that causes a displacement of 0.50 m. The angle of inclination with the horizontal is 30°. Neglect friction and use g = 10 m/s2. What is the work done by the 10 N force on the object along the inclined plane? .' 2 A) 4.3 J B) 4.3 kg m/s C) 2.5 J~~~Jl 17) .D it-I -. '" "'" +V(" ::. v", :::::I 3 ...
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