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Unformatted text preview: Page 1 Test #4, PHYS 1111, Section Nov. 25, 2002, Stancil 5 (12:20-1:10pm) This is a multiple choice test of 13 questions. Give only one answer for each question. Besure to enter your name and SSN on the form. You may keep the question sheet. 1. A sewing machine needle moves up and down in simple harmonic motion with an amplitude of 1.27 cm and a frequency of 2.55 Hz. What is the maximum speed of the needle? a. 3.18 cmls 'fr, ~)<::. rAJ" -=' 2. 20.3 cmls c. 10.1 cmls =:d. 6.36 cmls v ® A II n .f (1,')7(1~) l-rr{}·55 2. A mass of 0.150 kg is attached to a spring with a force constant of 3.58 Nlm and undergoes simple harmonic oscillations with an amplitude of 7.50 cm. What is the total mechanical "-;-..L a. @ 0.0201 J 0.0101 J c. 0.269 J d. 0.134 J 3. k 2 c;...,:; energy Al of the system? AI)"lO,0751 ) .:::-I( 5.5Y_ II? L 0,01.01 J An astronaut has lanaea on another planet and conducts an experiment to determine the acceleration of gravity on that planet. She uses a pendulum 0.640 m long and determines that the period of oscillation is 2.60 s. What is the lon of gravlty on that planet? aCClFe 2 a.4.85m/s T== L J.7T ;;@3.74m/s2crT)...-(26)2.-jl b. 1.66 m/s2 ~ J~ 1fT! lL _ 2,') tl1( (0164 d. 2.39 m/s2 4. __ -... of 400 Hz. A car traveling at 20 mls the horn as it approaches a stationary pedestrian. What frequency the pedestrian hear? The speed of sound in air is 343 m/s. :f. .5 .r ",40oP-l- V,s:: 70 2.<;",1 ') C' ( -" 7S /- I) '0.. V d. 450 Hz A tuning fork is set into vibration oscillations (i). 30720 b. 8.53 c. 26.8 d. 1610 does it undergo .5.74" , A car horn emits a frequency a. 375 Hz b. 400 Hz cE). 425 Hz 5. ~ _ - 4()O ( sounds does I .;::-lli2~ with a frequency in 1 minute? of 512 Hz. How many 1/1S3 }<.Io - J:s --- .f7y on.. 6050 C. ... j,1J>;<to-3s - Cj c Lt ...
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