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Unformatted text preview: Page 2 6. In simple harmonic motion, the speed is greatest at that point in the cycle when a. the magnitude of the acceleration is a maximum b. the displacement is a maximum ,,(JO q~o @ the magnitude of the acceleration is a minimum d. the potential energy is a maximum .,t X~O V::;V~. 7. a. -1 b. 1 @; 8. 1A-IfI d14Y1$..::: L V L.1'r F", K" ~ kll U ~ f< ::;; E of ~ { 10. f;kk - Jf. 2 ~ 1-1 - i ;J ~ f =-i:,kfl, ::-3 One of the harmonics of a string fixed at both ends has a 1requency of 52.2 Hz and the next higher harmonic has a frequency of 60.9 Hz. What is the fundamental frequency of the string? ~ 26.1 Hz (9) 8.7 Hz J = c. 30.4 Hz Y1 lL d. 17.4 Hz .- V The pitch of a sound a. the amplitude b. the speed (§) the frequency d. the wavelength is / determined by 7 t;-fl- f, = I(t) <=> V in [n-+ ( -nl iL' - - U- - l 7".;/ --f.. .:60.j-52.L fI 5"<)r711~ A position of stable equilibrium corresponds to the point on a potential energy curve where the potential energy function Vex) a. has a positive b. has a negative c. is a maximum ~ is a minimum 11. . fk {4f~ H tlcA- '- £~ nY- 9. I~:: The ratio of the kinetic energy to the potential energy of a simple harmonic oscillator ~hen its displacement is half its amplit~de is ~_ slope slope A harmonic wave travels with a speed of 200 mls and has a wavelength 0.80 m. What is the frequency of the 'wave? a. 40 Hz b. 125 Hz ~ 80 Hz C;J250 Hz - of ...
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