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2.57. Model: We will use the particle model for the puck. Visualize: We can view this problem as two one-dimensional motion problems. The horizontal segments do not affect the motion because the speed does not change. So, the problem “starts” at the bottom of the uphill ramp and “ends” at the bottom of the downhill ramp. At the top of the ramp the speed does not change along the horizontal section. The final speed from the uphill roll (first problem) becomes the initial speed of the downhill roll (second problem). Because the axes point in different directions, we can avoid possible confusion by calling the downhill axis the z -axis and the downhill velocities u . The uphill axis as usual will be denoted by x and the uphill velocities as v . Note that the height information, h = 1 m, has to be transformed into information about positions along the two axes. Solve: (a) The uphill roll has
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