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2.66. Model: Both cars are particles that move according to the constant-acceleration kinematic equations. Visualize: Solve: (a) David’s and Tina’s motions are given by the following equations: 2 D1 D0 D0 D1 D0 D D1 D0 D0 D1 22 T1 T0 T0 T1 T0 T T1 T0 T T1 1 () 2 11 0 m 0 m xxv tt a v t x xv a a t =+ −+ = = + + When Tina passes David the distances are equal and D1 T1 , = so we get 2 D0 D1 T1 D0 D1 T T1 D0 T T1 T1 2 T 1 1 2 2(30 m/s) 30 s 2 2 2.0 m/s v xx v t a t v a t t a = =⇒ = = = Using Tina’s position equation, 2 T1 T T1 (2.0 m/s )(30 s)
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