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7.30. Model: The two blocks form a system of interacting objects. Visualize: Please refer to Figure P7.30. Solve: It is possible that the left-hand block (Block L) is accelerating down the slope faster than the right-hand block (Block R), causing the string to be slack (zero tension). If that were the case, we would get a zero or negative answer for the tension in the string. Newton’s first law applied to the y -direction on Block L yields () ( ) LL G L L L 0 cos20 cos20 == − °⇒ = ° y Fn F n m g Therefore () () ( ) ( )( ) 2 kk L cos20 0.20 1.0 kg 9.80 m/s cos20 1.84 N fm g μ = ° = A similar analysis of the vertical forces on Block R gives ( ) k R 1.84 N
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