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7.31. Model: The two ropes and the two blocks (A and B) will be treated as particles. Visualize: Solve: (a) The two blocks and two ropes form a combined system of total mass 2.5 kg. M = This combined system is accelerating upward at 2 3.0 m/s a = under the influence of a force F and the gravitational force ˆ . Mgj Newton’s second law applied to the combined system is () ( ) net 32 N y FF M g M a F M a g =− = ⇒= + = (b) The ropes are not massless. We must consider both the blocks and the ropes as systems. The force F acts only on block A because it does not contact the other objects. We can proceed to apply the y -component of Newton’s second law to each system, starting at the top. Each has an acceleration 2 3.0 m/s . a = For block A: net on A A
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