Notes of a Native Son 4A

Notes of a Native Son 4A - "Notes of a Native Son by James...

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"Notes of a Native Son" by James Baldwin Worksheet A: Part I: Setting, Character, Chronology, and Narrative Function 1. Please quickly scan the three main sections of “Notes of a Native Son.” Exactly what is happening as the essay begins and ends? What is the foundation narrative that structures the essay, and from which flashbacks or considerations of the future take place? Exactly when and where does that narrative take place? As the essay begins, Baldwin reflects on the time of his father’s death. He narrates the exact happenings on the day of his father’s funeral, including his birthday celebration with his girlfriend and his drunken appearance at his father’s funeral. At the end of the essay, Baldwin tells about his experience during the riots in the ghettos of Harlem. He describes the chaos and destruction and the waste. Finally, he concludes with some insight into the things that matter most and the important of never accepting injustice as “commonplace” but fight against it with no inhibitions. During the funeral, Baldwin is sitting in the church of his childhood, which causes him to reminisce about the experiences he had with his father when he was very young. He recalls fond memories of his father’s pride and fondness. Of course, he also remembers that for the most part, his father’s children were never very happy to see him. And mostly, the only thing Baldwin can remember about his father is his bitterness and cold ways. His most important flashback is his recollection of the incident in the restaurant, when Baldwin has somewhat of an emotional meltdown
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Notes of a Native Son 4A - "Notes of a Native Son by James...

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