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12.64. Model: Model the beam as a rigid body. For the beam not to fall over, it must be both in translational equilibrium net (0 N ) F = G G and rotational equilibrium net N m ) . τ = Visualize: The boy walks along the beam a distance x , measured from the left end of the beam. There are four forces acting on the beam. 1 F and 2 F are from the two supports, ( ) G b F G is the gravitational force on the beam, and () G B F G is the gravitational force on the boy. Solve: We pick our pivot point on the left end through the first support. The equation for rotational equilibrium is Gb 2 GB ( ) (2.5 m) (3.0 m) ( ) 0 N m FF F x −+ = 22 2 (40 kg)(9.80 m/s )(2.5 m)
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