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Edward Said WKSHT - Katie Baumgarten 1. After you've...

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Katie Baumgarten 1. After you've finished, please carefully review all of Mary Louise Pratt's "Arts of the Contact Zone" and choose three distinct claims or theses about contact zone texts. Page 529: “Along with rage, incomprehension, and pain, there were exhilaration moments of wonder and revelation, mutual understanding, and new wisdom-the joys of the contact zone.” Page 520: “The fact that no one was safe made all of us involved in the course appreciate the importance of what we came to call “safe houses.” We used the term to refer to social and intellectual spaces where groups can constitute themselves as horizontal, homogeneous, sovereign communities with high degrees of trust, shared understandings, temporary protection from legacies of oppression.” Page 525: “Anderson proposes three features that characterize the style in which the modern nation is imagined. First, it is imagines as limited, by “finite, if elastic, boundaries”; second, it is imagined as sovereign; and third, it is imagined as fraternal, “a deep, horizontal comradeship” for which millions of people are prepared “not so much to kill as willingly to die”(15). 2.
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Edward Said WKSHT - Katie Baumgarten 1. After you've...

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