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Safety Document - From the American Chemical Society Safety...

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From the American Chemical Society Safety In Academic Laboratories Guidelines, 7th Ed., the following mandatory minimum safety requirements must be followed by all students and be rigorously enforced by all Chemistry faculty: 1) Chemistry Department-approved safety goggles purchased from the De Anza College bookstore (NOT safety glasses) must be worn at all times once laboratory work begins, including when obtaining equipment from the stockroom or removing equipment from student drawers, and may not be removed until all laboratory work has ended and all glassware has been returned to student drawers. 2) Shoes that completely enclose the foot are to be worn at all times; NO sandals, open-toed, or open-topped shoes, or slippers, even with socks on, are to be worn in the lab 3) Shorts, cut-offs, skirts or pants exposing skin above the ankle, and sleeveless tops may not be worn in the lab: ankle-length clothing must be worn at all times 4) Hair reaching the top of the shoulders must be tied back securely 5)
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