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Xenophanes - Humans can have only beliefs not knowledge...

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Xenophanes Criticisms of Traditional Religion The Olympian gods are not immoral. The gods are not anthropomorphic They do not resemble humans in any way The gods are not born – The are eternal The gods do not have a master The gods do not interfere with human affairs Rational Religion There is only one god God knows everything God governs the world through thought God is the cause of change Human Knowledge Knowledge is not possible Appearances can be deceptive There is no independent way to establish the truth of our beliefs
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Unformatted text preview: Humans can have only beliefs, not knowledge Progress is possible Competing theories are assessed on rational grounds Relativity of Judgments Natural Philosophy No clear account of the natural world. No cosmogony. The world has no origin; it is eternal Cosmology: Earth and water. The dry and the moist as the first principle Astronomy and meteorology The first systematic attempt to demythologize the natural world....
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