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Pythagoras - Music Cosmos Harmonia Reasoning by association...

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Pythagoras Born in Samos Settled in Croton in Southern Italy Pythagorean Brotherhoods influence in: Politics, Military Affairs, Economics Akousmata (noun), Akousmatikoi (groups) Precepts, Lore Mathemata, Mathematikoi Mathematics, Cosmology, Astronomy, Music Pythagorean Philosophy Number is the first principle All things are number Concordant musical intervals epressed mathematicaly, in numberical ratios Quality (e.g.: of sound) is reducible to quantity (i.e., number)
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Unformatted text preview: Music, Cosmos, Harmonia Reasoning by association. Ex: man is 250 A reductionist doctrine. (Few explanatory principles) Religious Beliefs and Practical Rules Immortality of the soul Reincarnation Godlikeness: the soul’s final freedom from the body. Pure/Good = reincarnation towards Godlikeness Bad = Reverse Precepts and rules; the authority of Pythagoras Vegetarianism Asceticism Taboo prohibitions...
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