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Intro Ionia – Asian Minor – Miletus. 8 th  and 7 th  centuries Ionia first principle is matter Wealth and flourishing cities. Troy – wealth city and hub. Burned down during war = dark ages Dark Ages = 11 th -8 th  century B.C. Mycenaean Civilization Assyrians, Babylonians. (mathematics and astronomy) Egypt – oldest city of Mediterranean basin. Theocratic, ruled by priest, mummification = medical Scythians, Soumerians Phoenicians = commerce, greatest gift to Ionians = Alphabet Ionian = developed independently  Developed NOMOS = law. Made by consent. Arguments and Debates lead to 
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Unformatted text preview: development of reasoning Circulation of cultural ideas and market places and harbors. Theocratic states didnt have concept of individuality which lead to dissatisfaction of traditional religion. New Rational (more human) interpretation of gods. Gradual transition from, myth to logos reason Homer Iliad, Odyssey Hesiod Theogony Religion = the expression of the power of the states Milesian, Citizens: Thales, Anaximander, Anaximenes....
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