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Heraclitus - Opposites account generally for change...

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Heraclitus His life: Abstention from politics. (his whole life and gave up high position to brother) Misanthropy Contempt toward other philosophers, poets and common men. ‘The obscure philosopher’ Author of one book: On Nature Riddles as the mirror of reality. Logos: Speech, explanation, understanding, proportion.  Logos as the internal aspect of god Logos is law-like: objective, impartial, common, and in principle, accessible to all.  (logos material expression of fire) Fire: Opposition: Opposites in a single subject: the sea is both pure and polluted Opposites in a single subject and different circumstances: pain is both bad and  good. Opposites in a single subjet and different times: cold become hot healthy  becomes ill Opposites but no subject: night and day Opposites determine each other’s meaning: to understand health we need to  understand sickness. (Independent but not identical) 
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Unformatted text preview: Opposites account, generally, for change: Palintropos harmonie; i.e., back-turning harmony The bow and the lyre: tension in parts; movements in opposite directions; alternation of movements; unity of function Two views about opposites Identity Coexistence in the same substance God Persists through change He has a mind He is wise He has a plan for the cosmos He directs everything He is present everywhere as fire and logos He guarantees unity and regularity in the cosmos through the war of opposites. Cosmology (regularity in opposition and change) Elements and properties The oscillations of the cosmos Fire, Water, Change The river fragments: Flux T. 39-41 1 st view, Universe changes constantly, none is the same 2 nd view, Soul Little portion of logos Directs and guides us Dry/fire soul = after life Obedience to the divine law....
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