Democritus - 2 Things can be expanded or compressed hence...

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Democritus Leukippus Democritus of Abdera (born around 460 BC) ATOMS A+TEMNEIN = ‘not’ + ‘to cut’. Atoms are ‘uncuttable’. They are ‘what-is’; eternal, indestructible. That do not have perceptible properties. They have size shape and weight They have unlimited number of shapes and hence are unlimited in number. They are impassive: compact, full with no share in void. They collide, but literally speaking are never in contact with each other. They always move in all directions Void Kenon: non-being. Yet void is as much as the atoms ARE. It too is an arche, a  first principle. Void preserves the identity of each and all atoms; it keeps them apart; it is the  place or space in which they move. Void is necessary for motion Because of void, atoms can preserve there own identity for eternity. Proofs for the existence of the Void 1. If there were no void, there would be no motion.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Things can be expanded or compressed, hence there is void in them. 3. If there were no void, there could be no growth. 4. Substances can be poured into each other, hence each contains void. Atomic motion Eternal motion The directions of atomic motions The role of weight Collisions. Determinism Compounds The same atoms in different compounds. Compounds are born and perish. The qualities of compounds are explained by reference to atoms and void. Cosmogony and Cosmology There are infinite worlds but one universe The steps of cosmogony. They result from a strictly mechanical The earth is at the center of the cosmos, tilted towards the south. Man as microcosm Water and mud are the origins of life Living things have souls Souls as an atomic structure Sensation, perception and thought Knowledge and caution about the evidence of senses Is Democritus a skeptic?...
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Democritus - 2 Things can be expanded or compressed hence...

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