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Anaximenes - Aēr is identical with the world The gods...

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Anaximenes Objections to Objections to Anaximander APEIRON The arch ē  (First Principle) is A ē r or Air Bright, clear, transparent, imperceptible One, Material, Eternal, moving and the ultimate cause of change. Alive, Divine The relationship between A ē r and the world. Process of condensation and rarefaction. Transformations of A ē r: fire, wind, cloud, water, earth, stone. Changes are constant and reversible
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Unformatted text preview: Aēr is identical with the world. The gods originate from Aēr Implicitly argues against mortality of gods, which makes them not gods. Cosmogony and Cosmology The earth is condensed Aēr, found through process of felting. Earth is flat The stars are Aēr, rarefied into moisture and then into fire Explanations of the meteorological phenomena....
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