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Anaximander - Geocentric Universe(See through “mist”...

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Anaximander Learned about sun dials from Babylonians Made first map of the world Apeirion: A+PERAS Unlimited in space: surrounds all worlds. Unlimited in time, it is eternal Indefinite: it has no definite characteristics. Divine, Immortal Director of all things, T9 – T10 Not introducing new god The process of separating off: the generation of the cosmos and the universe Apeiron as an egg or seed. Opposites: the hot and cold as flame and dark mist which generate the earth and  heavenly bodies. Move through very many steps of separating off from indefinite to definite.
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Unformatted text preview: Geocentric Universe (See through “mist” can see stars) Calculations of size and distance. T14 –T15, P11 The earth is at rest: The principle of sufficient reason. T17, P15 Origins of animals and men. T18, T20, P15 Legal Language. T9, T13 Concept of Natural Law The struggle of opposites (in a regular cycle) A dynamic equilibrium Death of each world = Conservation of matter Locally = Injustice, but overall = equal...
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