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November 10 Lecture: *Typed in folder November 15: Woman of War; Autonomy Movement american and european political groups studied together the groups on the left, called the autonomy groups (70s) extremist workers groups identify with marxist lemonist, trade union position possest a desire of immediate overthrow of the government most famous was red brigade several groups working in an alliance with them, organizing the left wing right struggle saw themselves as a continuation of the resistance they felt they were carrying on with the resistance against totalitarianism that was interrupted in 54 none of the feminist were embracing the armed militants as the worker groups were women were involved in the red brigades not essentially masculine about armed struggles, but they were mainly workers groups He argues in this book, the communist parties and the parties of the movement were blind to the ambitions of italian women for liberation from the beginning of this novel and the conversation between suna and sunoff? Represents this huge ambivalence, represents a huge patriarchal movement This novel gets us into a feminist thinking about society and we need to put patriarchy on display need to understand how gender relations relates to society this novel is dedicated to that brutal novel, puts demands and challenges the reader Woman of War: Chapter Structure island is made up second part is set in Napels, chapter is dedicated to the political movement leaves the island, basically has left her marriage final chapter is set in Rome, hometown of protagonist and her husband, also where she works and the theater of her final and ultimate liberation written as a diary, chosen for a variety of reason traditionally the most inward looking form of writing, the most narcissistic legitimate and valid to talk only about oneself, the self is the project important, feminist felt that the personal is the political in American feminist movement, it was “our body's, our self” had to begin with a complete, thorough study of oneself diary form was a method of self discovery Autofrechenza? Process of knowing yourself in 1970s, women began to write diaries archives were set up of the women's journals
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story is about Giovana, a lower-middle class women, school teacher who is married to a normal man by the end of novel, she is going to be radically different she has shed many allusions that have governed her life as she comes to new self-understanding and she begins to learn important lessons of other women around her most importantly, from the older woman Suna who takes her under her wings also a story of a vacation, Aug 1 st , traditional first day of summer vacation everything is closed set on island of the coast of naples get a representation of italian life of the southerners
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Final Exam notes - Lit Trans Final Exam Notes Woman of War...

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