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MKT 300 Grading Policy on Participation and Group Project (Fall 2011) Class Participation (10 points, points awarded up to one decimal place) Participation (10 points): Your TA will take attendance during every discussion session. Your TA will grade you based on the extent and quality of your participation in discussion sections. Because your performance on this component is strongly correlated with your attendance (i.e., students who attend discussions are more likely to get a higher score), we encourage you to attend every discussion session. Group Project (30 points, points awarded up to one decimal place) Your TA and another TA will grade your final project submission. The grading scheme is given below. Points for each criterion will be given up to one decimal place . Criterion Your TA (20 points) Other TA (10 points) Breadth and Depth of Analysis of the Current Marketing Strategy (including ad) for chosen Product/Brand. -
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