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Unformatted text preview: FINC 3630 Spring 2011 The one key to success in this class is …… ‐Studying early. ‐ Review the notes a lot. ‐Pay attention to detail, especially o n tests and computer assignments. ‐To study ahead so that you won’t fall behind, and come to class! ‐To rework problems to ensure you know how to do them. Don’t just assume something is easy and no big deal. ‐Time to work problems and prepare for the exam. The”cheat Sheet” can only get you so far. ‐Making a cheat sheet that gives you a large amount of needed information. (Aka..Good cheat sheet) ‐Class attendance. ‐Coming to class, understanding the material before leaving class & studying by reviewing podcasts. ‐Go to every class! ‐A reviewing the class notes & podcast over and over until your brain hurts. ‐Know how to work ALL homework problems before the test. ‐Keeping up with the class by attending and working on practice problems. ‐The one key to success in this class is to remember every single point counts so take every point serious. ‐Go to class,put time in on the excel assignments, and do the e.c. ‐Going to class. ‐Is to know that this not one key there are many keys; go to every class; study a week in advance before tests; do extra hard problems at the end of the chapters in slides ; do every extra credit assignment available. ‐Attend class regularly. ‐Is to study, read ahead of the class, do more than just suggested problems. ‐To constantly go over the material and not try to cram it all in the night before exams and go to class. ‐Pay attention during the examples worked in class and do the extra credit. ‐Go to class! ‐Is come to class regularly! ‐To write small on your cheat sheet so you can fit EVERYTHING! ‐Understanding how to work all suggested book problems as well as exam review problems. ...
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This note was uploaded on 12/11/2011 for the course FINC 3630 taught by Professor Jensen,m during the Summer '08 term at Auburn University.

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