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1-2 Such factors as a compensation system that is based on management performance (bonuses tied to profits, stock option plans) as well as the possibility of being removed from office (voted out of office, an unfriendly tender offer by another firm) serve to keep management’s focus on stockholders’ interests. 1-4 a. Corporate philanthropy is always a sticky issue, but it can be justified in terms of helping to create a more attractive community that will make it easier to hire a productive work force. This corporate philanthropy could be received by stockholders negatively, especially those stockholders not living in its headquarters city. Stockholders are interested in actions that maximize share price, and if competing firms are not making similar contributions, the “cost” of this philanthropy has to be borne by someone--the stockholders. Thus, stock price could decrease. b. Companies must make investments in the current period in order to generate future cash flows. Stockholders should be aware of this, and assuming a correct analysis has
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