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Computer Assignment #1 FINC 3630 - Summer 2011 Due: Tuesday, May 24th (emailed to Dr. Yost by the start of class) Inputs Amount Borrowed $20,000 Interest rate 9% APR (compounded monthly) Term 5 years # of pmts/year 12 Monthly Rate Number of Months Monthly Payment Amortization schedule Payment # Payment Interest Principal 1 2 1) In cell A81, calculate the future value (at month 60) of all the payments. Make sure to format the cell correctly. 2) In cell A83, calculate the present value of all the principal payments.
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Unformatted text preview: Again, make sure the cell is correctly formatted. 3) In cell A85, calculate the present value of all the interest payments. Make sure the cell is formatted appropriately. 4) In cell A87, compute the sum of all the payments (use the SUM function). Format the cell appropriately. 5) In cell A89, compute the sum of all the interest payments. Don't forget to format the cell. Beginning Balance Ending Balance...
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