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Introduction to Corporate Finance FINC 3610 Yost Introduction to Corporate Finance 3 Basic Areas of Finance Corporate Finance Investments 4 Financial Institutions International Finance What is Corporate Finance? Corporate finance focuses on 3 questions: 1 What should we invest in 5 1. What should we invest in? 2. How do we finance those investments? 3. How do we manage the day to day operations of the firm?
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FINC 3610 Yost The Balance Sheet Model of the Firm Balance Sheet Identity: 6 Capital Budgeting What is capital budgeting? The process of ____________________ the firm’s ______________________. 7 How do we do it? 1. Estimate cash flows. 2. Estimate the cost of those cash flows. 3. Discount the cash flows. Capital Structure What is capital structure? The _____________________ describing how the firm is financed 8 the firm is financed. Does capital structure matter?
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Introduction - IntroductiontoCorporateFinance...

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