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Preparation for Labs Week of November 10-14 Students: You will be discussing the “Liberty Oil Case” in labs next week. We will be handling this discussion in a slightly different fashion that the format outlined in the “What Is a Case” reading. Instead of using the approach advocated in “What Is A Case”, we would like you to think about the answers to the following questions regarding Liberty Oil. These questions will form the basis for your Case discussion in labs next week.
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Unformatted text preview: a) Outline all of the Ethical dilemmas currently facing the management of Liberty Oil b) Describe how Management and the Board of Directors are proposing to deal with each of these ethical dilemmas. How will these proposals affect the various stakeholders of Liberty Oil? c) Do you agree or disagree with the actions proposed by Management and the Board. Explain the rationale that underlies your thinking. d) What courses of action would you personally recommend and why?...
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