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New Venture Project Proposal

New Venture Project Proposal - New Venture Project Proposal...

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New Venture Project Proposal “Dispenso Bin” Dispenso Bin will be the mark of a new era in household products. It is the garbage bin of the future and will greatly facilitate the lives of household owners who do not take pleasure in taking out the trash. It is truly a unique innovation. DESCRIPTION THE PRODUCT Dispenso Bin, the electronic garbage bag dispenser will completely revolutionize consumers’ view on household chores. Its convenient function is geared to facilitate the chore of taking out the trash and having to find a replacement bag. It’s designed to automatically replace the bin with a biodegradable and freshly scented bag after each use. HOW DOES IT WORK? The product is a basic garbage bin with a motorized garbage bag dispenser attached to the side that automatically replaces itself after each use. The bin is electronically powered. The motor is designed to use as little electricity as possible. Dispenso Bin contains a motor on one side that releases the bags from the package and two gears and a retractable hook on the other. When the motor is initiated by the tugging motion of the removal of a bag, the package pushes out a fresh bag while the gears start to turn and move the hook so that it grabs and retracts to its intial position. This motion will extend the bag so that it fits the bin. Dispenso Bin is also portable with the use of batteries. While plugged in, the batteries will automatically charge. Since the bag only replaces itself as often as the full garbage bag is removed, battery life will be substantially 1
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extensive. Each bag is made of completely biodegradable and organic materials, and is scented to promote a more pleasurable experience while replacing the trash. A package of bags will be attached to the motorized system of the bin that releases it immediately after the jerking motion of removing the soiled bag. FEATURES It can hold up to 100 biodegradable bags, and will last the consumer quite a while if they change their trash once a week. The package is designed to be fairly compact for easy storage in cabinets or against a wall. The electric plug is retractable, so there will be no loose wires that can be hazardous to children and pets. Extra packages can be available at local supermarkets at quite a low cost, and can easily be picked up along with weekly groceries. The bins come in 2 different sizes. For consumers that prefer a larger bin (industrial size) for less frequent trips to the curb or for enterprises, there’s the tall bin. For general usage or storage-smart bins, there is a regular sized bin (standard size) that is made to fit perfectly underneath a kitchen sink or inside a closet. To complement the variety of sizes, the bag packages also come in the corresponding sizes to the bins. Thanks to its high durability, Dispenso Bin is expected for a considerable amount of time.
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