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SCRIPT OPENING Kim: When you take out the trash, do you find it a hassle to replace the old bag? Franz: Does the smell make you sick? Stacie: Do you want to do your part in helping the environment? Kolton: If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Dispenso Bin is for you! Dispenso Bin Inc. is here to introduce its new product: The garbage bin of the future. (introduce yourselves) CHANGE SLIDE OBJECTIVE – Franz Dispenso Bin Inc.’s objective is to encourage the use of environmentally friendly products while adding convenience to the lives of its customers. CHANGE SLIDE WHAT IS DISPENSO BIN? – Stacie What is Dispenso Bin? Dispenso Bin is a highly practical waste disposal device that is specially shaped to easily dispense biodegradable and scented bags. It is an ingenious innovation of the traditional garbage bin, with a built in compartment that stores garbage bags and easily dispenses them. Dispenso Bin Inc’s goal is to facilitate the chore of replacing a garbage bag after each use. Consumers today are continuously looking for products that would further add convenience to their everyday lives. CHANGE SLIDE HOW DOES IT WORK? – Stacie At the bottom of the bin, a cartridge of bags can easily be locked into place. Every time a bag is full and needs to be taken out to the curb, the upward pulling motion of the full bag will automatically pull up a new bag to replace it. It basically dispenses biodegradable and scented bags like a tissue box—one after the other. The bags are connected by a tear lining that make them strong enough to pull out of the bottom of the bin, but easy enough to rip apart with human force. When the package is empty, the old one can easily be removed and a new package can be inserted back into the compartment. Each package is designed so it would fit perfectly in the bottom of Dispenso Bin so that it could properly dispense bags.
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CHANGE SLIDE FEATURES – Kim Dispenso Bin is available in 3 different sizes to accommodate our customers’ needs. The household bins are the perfect size to fit under any sink cabinet, closet, or even against a wall without causing any inconvenience. The small one costs $15 and the medium costs $20. The large bin is meant for industrial use for businesses and costs about $25. They will feature a lid that opens and closes with a high quality foot pedal. Because the lid may pose as an obstacle for wrapping the garbage bags around the top, the bags will be specially designed to exactly fit the top of the bin. Dispenso Bin itself is composed of purely recycled plastics. It is constructed of only the highest quality recycled materials, to maintain a durable structure. Each and every bag that is offered for Dispenso Bin is made of biodegradable compounds and has a substantially strong hold. They are stored in packages of 20 and are fitted for each bin size.
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script - SCRIPT OPENING Kim When you take out the trash do...

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