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BUSINESS 111/121 Team Requirements for Group Projects In order to ensure that groups work effectively together, we expect that you follow these guidelines for effective team management : have your first meeting early and establish a regular meeting time, distribute phone numbers and e- mail addresses to everyone in the group, and establish policies and rules for the group as well as a procedure for keeping minutes of each meeting discuss the objectives of each individual member at the first meeting (grades desired, effort desired, etc.) and come to a consensus on how much effort is expected from each group member clarify issues of availability constraints, and the expectations of each member regarding what to do in case of absence from meetings or inability to meet deadlines set by the group discuss the skills of each group member and assign work accordingly and on an equitable basis make an agenda for each meeting, keep minutes of each meeting (time, place, those in attendance, a summary of what was discussed, who was assigned what tasks with what deadlines, etc.) and distribute to all group members prior to your next group meeting. Maintain copies of all minutes and correspondence in a group file for future reference before each meeting is concluded, review the assigned tasks of each group member, and what is to be
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