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CP102 General Outline / Syllabus Winter 2009 Objectives To understand and appreciate the concepts and uses of various types of microcomputer software: word processors, spreadsheets, statistics packages, database management systems, and graphics. To effectively use the packages taught in the course, and more importantly, be able to learn any new computer package. To understand enough computer hardware terminology so you can critically analyze computer literature. Course Evaluation Assignments: 20% (5 Assignments, 4% each) Class Test: 20% (Midterm, held in class) Final Exam: 45% Labs: 15% (Assessments and Tasks) Description # of Assessments Mark Total (adds up to 15%) Word Assessments in MyITLab 1 2 3% total (1.5% per assessment) Excel Assessments in MyITLab 2 3% total (1.5% per assessment) Access Assessments in MyITLab 2 3% total (1.5% per assessment) HTML Task given in Lab 1 3% of total Stats Task given in Lab 1 3% of total 1 Note: MyITLab requires a separate access code that comes bundled with the textbook if it is purchased new from the Bookstore. MyITLab codes from last term cannot be re-used. You CANNOT buy used MyITLab codes. You can buy the codes separately from the Bookstore or online if you wish, but your best value is to buy a new textbook from the WLU Bookstore. Textbook in use for Winter 2009 will be GO! Technology in Action, 5th Ed by Evans, Martin and Poatsy. Assignments You may need work from earlier assignments in later ones. No group work is allowed. Cheating will not be tolerated. All answers must be in your own words. Copying answers (even definitions) word for word from a textbook or website is plagiarism. By writing answers in your own words, you will have a better understanding of the concepts as opposed to simply memorizing them. Late assignments will not be accepted. Your assignments will be submitted electronically via our WebCT/Blackboard site. Your assignment mark will be based on how well you perform tasks from the assignment in lab the week following the assignment due date where possible.
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CP102 Facilities All PCs on campus that are connected to the Novell network, and that are capable of running Windows XP, can be
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cp102 - CP102GeneralOutline/SyllabusWinter2009 Objectives...

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