EC120 - Economics 120 Introduction to Microeconomics Fall...

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Economics 120 Introduction to Microeconomics Fall 2008 Section information : Please fill in the information for the section you are registered in. Instructor: ________________________________________________________________ Section letter:____ The section you are registered in must be recorded on all tests and exams. Instructor’s office location and office hours: ______________________________________ Lecture Sections Section Day and Time Instructor Room A Tu.Th. 10:00 am S. Ziss BA101 B Tu.Th. 11:30 am S. Ziss BA101 C Tu.Th. 1:00 pm M. Gallego 1E1 D Tu.Th. 2:30 pm M. Gallego 1E1 E Mon.Wed. 2:30 pm R. Jefferson BA101 F Mon.Wed. 4:00 pm R. Jefferson BA101 G Wed. 7:00 pm F. Rahman P1025/1027 Administrative Assistance Ms. Elsie Grogan in the Economics office (Peter’s Building, P3082) can assist with course administrative matters. Please see Ms. Grogan to submit documentation for missed tests or for grade inquiries. Textbook, MyEconLab and Clicker (available at bookstore) C. Ragan and R.G. Lipsey, Microeconomics , 12 th Canadian Edition, Study Edition Your access kit for MyEconLab (an electronic study guide) is included with your textbook. You must purchase a clicker (used for class participation) from the bookstore EC120 Introduction to Microeconomics Page 1 of 7
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Course website: Contains announcements, lecture notes, on-line quizzes, past exams, and a discussion board. Logging into WebCT 1. Go to and click on 'LOGIN', then follow the prompts. 2. Enter your login and password: WLU Students : Enter your 9-digit WLU ID number UW Students : Enter your 8-digit UW ID number with the number 0 added to the end. Password : Your birthdate, in the format MMDDYY. 3. When you first login you must change your password. You will also be asked to supply a security question, which will allow you to reset your password in the future. 4. Click on Login and your WebCT home page should appear, along with a list of courses you are registered in. Click on EC 120. Make sure that you log out after using the WebCT site. WebCT Support If you forget your password, and you have not set up a security question to allow you to reset it yourself, you may visit the ITS Helpdesk in person to have it reset (Please provide photo ID upon your request), or email . If you log into WebCT and EC120 is not listed, check LORIS to confirm the registration status of the course. It will not appear until it is listed in LORIS. This could be an issue if you registered late. UW students that don't have EC120 in the list of courses should contact for support. Clicker Registration using WebCT 1. When you login to WebCT click on a course called “Clicker Registration – Fall 2008”. 2.
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EC120 - Economics 120 Introduction to Microeconomics Fall...

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