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APAN Notes - 1. Chapter 19 a. Poverty Relief a.i....

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1. Chapter 19 a. Poverty Relief a.i. Discontinued direct grants of food, fuel, and clothing to needy families a.ii. Instead Provided relief in return of work on public projects & sent special cases to state-run almshouses, orphanages, and homes for the blind, deaf, mentally ill a.ii.1. Between 1877 & 1892, philanthropists in 92 cities formed Charity Organization Societies- attempt to make social welfare more efficient by merging disparate charity groups into coordinated units a.ii.2. Believing poverty to be caused by “personal defects,” these organizations mostly encouraged struggling families to be thriftier and more virtuous. a.iii. Humanitarians blamed people’s environments (not shortcomings) for the poverty- arguing that society ought to shoulder greater responsibility for improving conditions a.iii.1. Reduce poverty by improvising housing, education, and public health measures a.iv. Still only the unfit were poor and that poverty relief should be tolerated but never encouraged 2. Chapter 28 a. Truman Doctrine a.i. Truman requested $400 million in aid to Greece and Turkey (March 12, 1947- Speech) a.ii. Truman claimed that communism (feeding on economic dislocations) imperiled the world a.ii.1. If Greece fell under control of “armed minority,” Turkey would be seriously effected too immediately a.ii.2. Confusion & disorder could spread throughout the entire Middle East a.iii. Policy to support free peoples who are resisting “attempted
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APAN Notes - 1. Chapter 19 a. Poverty Relief a.i....

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