With the Sogdianian region taken care of

With the Sogdianian region taken care of - With the...

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Unformatted text preview: With the Sogdianian region taken care of, Alexander moved south to Paraetacene, which was still under the control of four powerful barons. The first of these, Oxyartes, had established a stronghold at the top of a steep mountain, and he was fully confident of its impenetrability. Alexander chose 300 of his best rock-climbers to undertake the mission, with the promise of generous reward. Although about thirty fell to their deaths, the remaining 270 startled Oxyartes' followers and forced surrender without a struggle. The daughter of Oxyartes, Roxane, was widely considered the most beautiful woman in Asia, and Alexander took her as his wife. Most historians agree that he likely did not care for Roxane much more than he did for any other woman who was not his mother, but he hoped his gesture would generate goodwill among the barons of the Far East...
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