After the victory

After the victory - After the victory, Alexander did not...

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Unformatted text preview: After the victory, Alexander did not make a rush into the heart of the Persian empire, as might have been expected, but rather persisted in his gradual approach of securing coastal areas. Though Alexander continued to break down the Persian fleet, his strategy also gave Darius time to raise a larger army. Darius also made a first attempt to achieve a peaceful settlement. Although the tone of his letter was arrogant, he offered to cede a significant portion of Asia Minor to Alexander. The concession was difficult to refuse, as the offered area had probably been the objective of Philip's campaign. When Alexander read the letter to his officers, therefore he omitted the section that included the offer. The offers, who heard only Darius's arrogant tone, urged Alexander to continue with the campaign. Alexander sent back a harsh reply justifying the Macedonian mission. It became evident to all that the back a harsh reply justifying the Macedonian mission....
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