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Unformatted text preview: Alexander's own victory was secured, ironically, because of the superior discipline of the Sacred Band. When they held their position and the other troops did not, Alexander was able to swoop into the gap and soon had the Theban army surrounded. The rest of the troops were handled effectively, and all that remained were the 300 Thebans of the Sacred Band who fought valiantly to their deaths. Only forty-six were taken alive, while the remaining 254 were buried on site, where they lie to this day in a famous common grave. Philip recognized that his victory over Athens did not give him license to rule tyrannically, as the situation remained precarious. He therefore offered terms so generous that Athens accepted without argument or much time to reconsider. On the other hand, the powers of Thebes had to be dismantled systematically. Its leaders had other hand, the powers of Thebes had to be dismantled systematically....
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