Alexander continued on to Babylon

Alexander continued on to Babylon - Alexander continued on...

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Unformatted text preview: Alexander continued on to Babylon, where he began preparations for his next campaign. In the city he experienced a number of bad omens, though writers may have exaggerated some of these portents to heighten the drama surrounding Alexander's death. On June 3, 323 B.C., Alexander attended two parties that went early into the morning. Afterward he fell feverishly ill, and was incapacitated until his death on June 13. No heir was named; Alexander had indicated that he expected a funeral contest to take place to determine the strongest successor. Though Alexander's illness was officially attributed to a fever aggravated by heavy drinking, the possibility that he was poisoned has been raised. The suspects are Aristotle and Antipater, both of whom had reason to fear Alexander's retribution for various disloyalties, and both of whom also disliked his favorable treatment of the...
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