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Castle William

Castle William - Castle William ∙ The main fortifications...

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Unformatted text preview: Castle William - ∙ The main fortifications defending Boston from attack, used by Royal officials for safety during the days of Adams's Sons of Liberty. During the Stamp Act crisis, the government moved all stamps and some stamp masters to the fort for safekeeping. Caucus Club - ∙ A political alliance of Boston tradesmen and artisans (including Adams) who set the agenda for Boston's annual town meetings and decided who would receive appointments to town offices. Their candidates rarely lost. Committees of Correspondence - ∙ Adams organized Committees of Correspondence throughout New England and made up a system of communication between patriot leaders in each town and eventually throughout the colonies. Committees of Correspondence provided the political organization necessary to unite the colonies against Britain. Country Party - ∙ The political organization formed by the Adamses as an early...
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