From his earliest days of schooling

From his earliest days of schooling - From his earliest...

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Unformatted text preview: From his earliest days of schooling, Adams was known for his impassioned emotions– emotions which would sometimes keep him from seeing an issue clearly. His emotions sprang from the interplay of theology and political science, where political theory met dogmatic theory. Thus Adams often found himself influenced in his arguments by theology, and he was normally known as a religious man. Little is known of Adams's boyhood, and what little is known comes from the comprehensive three-volume biography his great-grandson William V. Wells later wrote. Little other information on Adams's early years has been found. He studied at the Boston Latin School for eight years, learning Latin and Greek. Adams, like most of the sons from Boston's elite, entered Harvard College in 1736 at the age of fourteen. Although his father had expected him to pursue the ministry, it quickly became obvious...
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