He bounced around

He bounced around - He bounced around–and failed...

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Unformatted text preview: He bounced around–and failed at–several jobs: lawyer, financier, and even one stint at his father's brewery. His mother's intense piety and Puritan roots would play a big influence on his life. Eventually, he served as Boston's tax collector, a post he quit after his books came up eight thousand pounds short. Adams was never accused of cheating or embezzling the money, he was merely a terrible businessman. He found his calling though as an all-but full-time revolutionary in the 1750s, manifested as a journalist and the holder of small public offices. For the next two decades he would guide Bostonians through most of the major incidents leading up to the Revolutionary War . As a member of the Caucus Club in 1764, he was part of the Boston patriotic movement that helped select the candidates for public office. And in 1764, when Britain announced that helped select the candidates for public office....
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