In 356 B - In 356 B.C Alexander was born into a state that...

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Unformatted text preview: In 356 B.C., Alexander was born into a state that was already in the midst of great change. His father, Philip II, who was largely responsible for these changes, had given Alexander a united Hellenic League over which to rule. As Macedonia had hitherto been looked upon as semi-barbaric, when Philip reorganized the state and conquered Athens and Thebes, the rest of the Greek city-states were reluctant to submit themselves to Macedonian rule. Indeed, though they would succeed in keeping Greece in line, neither Philip nor Alexander ever had the sincere loyalty of his citizens, for Greece could never get past its resentment of Macedonia. Moreover, it did not help the ruler's cause that republicanism–and even democracy–were being explored in the individual city-states. Aristotle must have had a difficult time educating the young prince Alexander to become...
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