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Unformatted text preview: Nevertheless, the Academy had a profound influence on Aristotle's development, and although he departed from his master's thought significantly, many of the Academy's fundamental principles still served as the foundation of his work. Aristotle had a great deal to build on and to respond to, particularly in Plato's metaphysics and politics. For example, he would come to disagree with Plato's Theory of Forms, which he saw as empty idealism that served no purpose for the material world. His own politics again built on the fundamental principles of Plato, as he concurred with certain principles of the ruling aristocracy but devised his own vision of the ideal state. In other areas he had very little precedent from which to work. He virtually invented the field of logic, and he reinvented the previously insignificant field of biology. While this was going on, he reinvented the previously insignificant field of biology....
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