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Upon Alexander

Upon Alexander - Upon Alexander's return both Olympias and...

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Unformatted text preview: Upon Alexander's return, both Olympias and Philip began to express concern about the boy's lack of heterosexual interest. Reared by his mother, Alexander did indeed show effeminate qualities. His parents even went so far as to find a potential partner with whom they encouraged Alexander to have intercourse. While his sexual masculinity may have been slow in developing, Alexander immediately showed his prowess on the battlefield. Philip had not been long departed when a rebellion arose among the Maedi, the fierce and powerful tribe that dwelled in Thrace. Alexander went himself to subdue the rebels, and he turned their city into a military outpost for Macedonia, which was renamed Alexandropolis–in imitation of Philippopolis, founded by the king two years before. Although Philip continued to treat Alexander as a protégé, it became evident before long that the latter was competing with–if not...
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